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Welcome to Siding Colorado, Kiowa’s top-tier siding expert! Founded in 2005, we boast over 18 years of unmatched expertise in the siding industry. Our diverse range of services includes siding repair, siding replacement, residential siding, and commercial siding. What’s more? We have proudly served all the exquisite neighborhoods of Kiowa, including Forest Ridge, Kiowa West, Pine Meadows, Ute Village, Wolf Creek Trail, and Woodlands of Kiowa. Your home’s exterior deserves the best, and that’s precisely what we offer!

Residential Siding in Kiowa

At Siding Colorado, we understand every home in Kiowa is unique. Our residential services encompass siding repair, replacement, and transformative exterior design. Puzzled about picking the perfect siding material, style, or color? We guide homeowners through these choices, ensuring durability, energy efficiency, and a striking appearance for every residence.

Commercial Siding in Kiowa

Commercial properties demand a distinct touch. Our commercial services, tailored for Kiowa, range from siding repair and replacement to rainscreens and contemporary exterior designs. For businesses, we simplify the intricate process of material selection, style discernment, and color coordination. Add to that expert advice on budgeting, planning, and executing large-scale projects.

Multi-Family Siding for Kiowa

For multi-family establishments in Kiowa, we offer specialized services catering to condos, condominiums, and apartment complexes. Just like our residential services, we aid property owners in selecting the right materials, styles, and colors. With us, durability, energy efficiency, and an appealing facade are a guarantee.

Siding Materials and Brands

Kiowa deserves only the best. That’s why we present an expansive array of siding materials suited for every architectural taste. Whether you favor Fiber Cement Siding, Engineered Wood Siding, Metal Siding, or Traditional Materials like Cedar, Stucco, Stone & Masonry, we have you covered. We proudly stock and install reputed brands such as James Hardie Siding, Wood Tone, Nichiha, Allura, LP Siding, Diamond Kote Siding, Alside Satinwood Steel Siding, Longboard, and Allu Plank. Each offers unique benefits, ensuring Kiowa properties shine in durability and style.

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Fiber Cement Siding

For those in Kiowa eyeing longevity and beauty, fiber cement siding is a stellar choice. It’s famed for its incredible durability, resisting even the harshest of Colorado’s weather conditions. Brands like James Hardie, Allura, GAF, Nichiha, Woodtone, and Finex offer exceptional fiber cement products, each with its signature benefits that set them apart in the market.

James Hardie Siding

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding stands as a testament to grace, resilience, and innovation. Revered for its durability, fire resistance, and sustainability, it also repels pests. Their groundbreaking ColorPlus technology ensures lasting vibrancy, while industry-leading warranties back every product (30-year for siding, 15-year for trim). From Hardie Plank lap siding, Hardie Shingle, HardiePanel vertical siding to Hardie Trim and Hardie Soffit, the options are vast. Their premium collections, including Aspyre by James Hardie, Magnolia Home by James Hardie, and the Hardie Architectural Collection, offer unparalleled elegance.

Engineered Wood Siding

Engineered wood siding offers Kiowa homeowners the classic charm of wood without its common pitfalls. It’s a budget-friendly alternative to fiber cement yet doesn’t compromise on beauty or durability. With options like LP Siding and Diamond Kote, engineered wood siding combines aesthetics with resilience, making it an excellent choice for Kiowa properties.

LP Siding

LP SmartSide engineered wood siding stands out for its unbeatable durability, aesthetic charm, and practical benefits. With unparalleled hail resistance and low-maintenance demands, it’s a top choice among Kiowa homeowners. For those seeking the warmth of wood without its downsides, LP Siding offers a perfect solution. Enhanced with the SmartGuard process, LP Siding is fortified against termites and decay. Built to face the harshest weather, it can brave winds up to 200 mph and hail as big as 1.75 inches. From lap siding to trim, our catalog boasts a full range of LP products. Rest easy knowing LP® SmartSide® products are backed by a robust 5/50-year limited warranty.

Diamond Kote Siding

Thinking of long-term investments? Diamond Kote is the answer. Over 30 years, while periodic repainting might cost a homeowner around $41k, Diamond Kote stands firm at just $23.5k. Using fade-resistant metal oxide colorants from rocks, its advanced paint tech ensures lasting brilliance. Its less porous nature keeps dirt and moisture at bay, and its surface resists scratches, making cleaning a breeze. Added benefits only sweeten the deal. Best of all, Diamond Kote promises a 30-year no fade warranty. Built on the solid foundation of LP SmartSide, Diamond Kote combines durability with sheer beauty.

Steel & Metal Siding

Venturing into metal & steel sidings, we proudly feature three giants: Alside Satinwood Steel Siding, Longboard, and Alluplank. These materials offer resilience against the elements and lend a sleek, modern appeal. Suited best for areas with dramatic temperature swings, metal & steel sidings provide excellent thermal performance. Expect to invest a moderate to high range for these premium sidings.

Longboard Metal Siding

For homeowners eyeing sophistication, Longboard Metal Siding offers a blend of elegance and strength. Its product lines are tailored for the discerning Kiowa residents who demand style without compromising durability.

Alluplank Metal Siding

Alluplank, another key player, excels in providing high-quality metal sidings. Their diverse product lines ensure that every Kiowa homeowner finds their perfect match.

Traditional Material Siding

From the timeless appeal of wood to the rustic allure of stone, traditional siding materials have their unique charm. We offer James Hardie’s modern stucco siding panels as a refined alternative to conventional stucco. Stone siding, a blend of beauty and endurance, remains a favorite. Pricing for these classic materials generally leans towards the higher end, reflecting their timeless value.

Cedar Siding

Cedar siding, a true classic, offers unmatched beauty and longevity, especially with proper care. Its natural defenses against pests and moisture make it a top pick. When it comes to insulation, cedar stands tall against rivals, ensuring homes remain cozy. Given its myriad benefits, cedar siding provides excellent value for money, proving its worth over time.

Stucco Siding

Stucco siding, with its superb insulating properties, ensures energy efficiency for Kiowa homes. Our advanced stucco siding panels, curated for endurance, combine aesthetics with functionality. Diverse in color palette, stucco siding breathes life into residences, boasting a range from muted neutrals to bold hues. Investing in stucco guarantees long-term value, striking a balance between affordability and stellar quality.

Stone & Masonry for Kiowa

Stone sidings—woven into the fabric of architectural history—evoke timeless elegance. Our range spans limestone, granite, slate, to classic brick. Beyond authentic stone, we showcase veneers and faux stone, broadening design possibilities. Stone and masonry sidings require minimal upkeep and are remarkably fire-resistant, making them ideal for Kiowa homes.

Siding Features & Benefits

Siding Colorado brings a myriad of siding perks. Our options prioritize low maintenance, energy efficiency, and unmatched hail resistance. While different climates in Colorado necessitate varied sidings, we guide homeowners towards the perfect match for their unique locale.

Low Maintenance Siding

Who doesn’t crave ease? Our low-maintenance sidings, ranging from fiber cement to metal, promise homeowners peace of mind. Engineered wood sidings, in particular, demand minimal upkeep while providing enduring beauty.

Energy Efficient Siding

For Kiowa homeowners, energy-efficient siding isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. With offerings like wood, fiber cement, and stone, we ensure homes stay cozy without inflating energy bills.

Hail Resistant Siding

Kiowa isn’t a stranger to hail. With reports of hail up to 1.25 inches, protection is vital. Our hail-resistant sidings, especially LP SmartSide, shield homes from Colorado’s temperamental weather, ensuring longevity and safety.

Long Lasting Siding

Every homeowner desires longevity. Our siding options, handpicked for their durability, stand the test of time. Brands under our umbrella have a proven track record, promising homes that remain pristine for years.

Siding Colors

Colors speak volumes. We offer an expansive color spectrum, from soothing neutrals to vibrant earth tones. Whether you’re drawn to cool blues or warm reds, our collection has it all. For inspiration, explore our gallery page, showcasing the potential of diverse siding colors on Kiowa homes.

LP Siding’s Vibrant Palette

LP SmartSide, a marvel in engineered wood siding, towers over competitors in both function and beauty. Its allure? The synthesis of robust construction and the luminance of ExpertFinish acrylic latex paint. Boasting a palette of diverse shades, these sidings defy fading, chalking, and streaking. LP SmartSide promises Kiowa homeowners a radiant home exterior with minimal maintenance fuss.

The Timeless Allure of Diamond Kote

Step into the elite world of Diamond Kote, where prefinished siding is redefined. With an extensive color spectrum, each hue is curated for fade resistance. Diamond Kote harnesses a unique blend of acrylic resin coatings coupled with metal-oxide pigments. This translates to siding colors that endure. For Kiowa residents eyeing unmatched design meshed with durability, Diamond Kote is the answer.

James Hardie Siding Colors

When it comes to variety, our selection of James Hardie Siding colors leaves no stone unturned. Enhanced by the innovative ColorPlus Technology, these colors offer vibrancy, consistency, and resistance against elements. This technology ensures hues that last, turning Kiowa homes into enduring masterpieces.

Siding Styles

Beyond colors, we offer an extensive array of siding styles. Whether traditional or contemporary, our options cater to every aesthetic whim, paving the way for bespoke home exteriors in Kiowa.

Lap Siding

Lap siding—a classic with modern twists. Our comprehensive collection ensures every homeowner finds their perfect match. Crafted meticulously, these sidings infuse homes with charm.

Board and Batten Siding

Board and batten siding—distinctive and striking. Our vast options cater to diverse tastes, ensuring homes stand out in the best way possible.

Stucco Panel Siding

Contemporary and chic, our modern stucco siding panels encapsulate sophistication. Tailored for the Kiowa homeowner with a penchant for sleek design, these panels rejuvenate home exteriors.

Modern Siding Styles

For homeowners in Kiowa looking for a contemporary touch, our range of modern siding styles is unbeatable. We proudly feature cutting-edge options such as Woodtone, Trespa exterior panels, and Alside. Infuse modern elegance into your Kiowa residence today!

Replacement Siding Kiowa

When your siding shows wear or damage, it’s time for a change. Generally, siding endures for decades, but harsh conditions might reduce its lifespan. Our siding replacement services in Kiowa ensure your home remains pristine and well-protected.

Siding Repair Kiowa

Warped panels, peeling paint, or moisture issues? Your siding might need repair. At Siding Colorado, we specialize in comprehensive siding repair services, ensuring Kiowa homes stand strong against time and elements.


We were more than satisfied with the crew. They were wonderful and everything they did was done very professionally. We love, love, love, our siding now. We would definitely go back to Scottish Home Improvements again. I was most satisfied with the attention to fine details. I would like to recognize our salesman Riggo Malara, he was fantastic. He was very professional and responsive to our needs. Everything has been great. I would like to recognize Mario, and his team.

Richard & Kathy Swedberg
February 25, 2023

The quality of the workmanship, materials used, and the construction crew were all excellent. I was most satisfied with the quality of the work and materials used. The installers very courteous and they keep the work area very clean. Scottish Home Improvements provided excellent communication. I would like to recognize the salesperson, project manager, and the chief of the installation crew. The installers were all really great and worked as a good team. They were very efficient.

Maurine & Nafi Onat
February 17, 2023

I was really impressed with how they coordinated with my window people. We have done a lot of renovations at our house over the last three years. The siding was one of the better experiences we had. They were on time and told me when they would be here. They were just awesome. We will be using your company again. I was most satisfied with the work, the overall timing, and the communication.

Dawn Watter
August 7, 2021

Siding Maintenance & Care

Adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines is key. Always opt for a gentle siding cleaner apt for your material. Proper care extends the life of your siding, especially in Kiowa’s climate.

Alternatives to Siding Replacement

Before re-siding, consider alternatives. Painting your exterior or repairing damaged siding sections can refresh your home’s look without a full overhaul, making it perfect for Kiowa homeowners on a budget.

Alternatives to Hardwood Siding

While vinyl isn’t best suited for Colorado’s environment, we offer lasting alternatives. Fiber cement and engineered wood stand the test of time. For those seeking a modern twist, Trespa panels are an innovative choice.

Siding Pricing/Costs

Costs in Kiowa depend on various factors. Generally, our installation ranges between $12-15 per square foot. This doesn’t include other services, like Kiowa city permits or warranties.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting can rejuvenate a home’s appearance. However, when siding is severely compromised, replacement might be a wiser investment for Kiowa residents.

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Considering siding services in Kiowa? Recap: from repairs to modern siding styles, we cover it all. Serving neighborhoods across Kiowa, we’re your go-to. Reach out today for a personalized quote!