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Welcome to Siding Colorado, where your home’s exterior dreams come to life! Founded in 2005, we’ve become the leading authority on siding solutions in Manitou Springs, boasting unmatched expertise and an impressive track record. Our dedicated team offers a comprehensive range of services from siding repair and replacement to crafting beautiful residential and commercial exteriors. We proudly serve every corner of Manitou Springs, including neighborhoods such as Cedar Heights, Crystal Hills, Crystal Park, Miramont Castle, and Sunny Side Manitou. Trust us to transform your property with the beauty and durability of our siding services.

Residential Siding in Manitou Springs

For the homeowners of Manitou Springs, our premium residential siding services encompass repair, replacement, and exquisite exterior designs. We recognize the challenges homeowners face—from selecting the perfect materials and shades to ensuring durability and energy efficiency. Let us navigate these decisions with you, guaranteeing an outcome that mirrors your vision.

Commercial Siding in Manitou Springs

Siding Colorado offers unparalleled commercial siding services, comprising repair, replacement, advanced rainscreens, and bespoke exterior design. Commercial property owners often grapple with decisions about the right materials, balancing aesthetics with budget, and executing large-scale projects. Our experts ensure these concerns are addressed, delivering top-tier results every time.

Multi-Family Siding for Manitou Springs

Multi-family properties, from condos to vast apartment complexes, need siding that combines functionality with appeal. Our services cover siding repair, replacement, and creating unified, striking exteriors. Whether it’s about selecting durable materials, ensuring energy efficiency, or choosing colors that resonate, Siding Colorado has the expertise Manitou Springs property owners rely on.

Siding Materials and Brands

Manitou Springs residents, explore an expansive range of siding materials tailored to various architectural styles. From Fiber Cement Siding and Engineered Wood Siding to Metal Siding and traditional options like Cedar, Stucco, Stone & Masonry, the possibilities are endless. Dive into renowned brands such as James Hardie Siding, Wood Tone, Nichiha, Allura, LP Siding, Diamond Kote Siding, Alside Satinwood Steel Siding, Longboard, and Allu Plank, each promising quality and aesthetic perfection.


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Fiber Cement Siding

Discover the robust beauty of Fiber Cement Siding. Known for its incredible durability, this siding material promises to stand the test of time. Brands like James Hardie, Allura, GAF, Nichiha, Woodtone, and Finex offer unique benefits that elevate your property’s appeal and strength. From weather resistance to captivating designs, each brand amplifies the charm and resilience of your space.

James Hardie Siding

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding is the epitome of beauty and endurance. Its outstanding features include fire resistance, sustainability, and pest deterrence. The advanced ColorPlus technology ensures vibrant, long-lasting colors. With an industry-leading 30-year warranty on siding products and a 15-year warranty on trim products, the brand stands by its exceptional quality. Dive into their diverse product range, from Hardie Plank lap siding to Hardie Shingle, HardiePanel vertical siding, Hardie Trim, and Hardie Soffit. Elevate your exteriors with premium collections like Aspyre by James Hardie, Magnolia Home by James Hardie, and the Hardie Architectural Collection.

Engineered Wood Siding

Engineered Wood Siding offers an affordable yet stunning alternative to traditional wood and cedar siding. Apart from its attractive pricing compared to fiber cement, this material boasts impressive durability, aesthetic appeal, and resistance to the elements. Brands like LP Siding and Diamond Kote have revolutionized the siding industry with their superior engineered wood options that promise longevity and charm.

LP Siding

Stepping into the realm of siding, Manitou Springs homeowners often find themselves surrounded by a myriad of choices. Leading the pack is LP SmartSide engineered wood siding, a fusion of both beauty and brawn. This siding isn’t just about looks; it’s a shield, guarding homes against nature’s unpredictable moods. With its hail resistance, it laughs in the face of storms, while its durability ensures that the beauty is more than skin deep. 

Traditional wood and cedar, though charismatic, have their flaws. LP Siding emerges as a resilient alternative. Each plank undergoes the patented SmartGuard treatment, fortifying it against the threats of fungal decay and termite damage. But nature doesn’t always attack subtly. For those raging storms, LP Siding stands firm, defying windspeeds of up to 200 mph and withstanding hailstones as big as 1.75 inches in diameter. Our vast array of products, ranging from the classic lap siding to the detailed trims and fascia, ensures homes in Manitou Springs get both protection and style. Above all, our 5/50-year limited warranty on all LP® SmartSide® products is our testament to quality.

Diamond Kote Siding

Imagine a siding that not only saves you money but also time and future hassles. Diamond Kote Siding is that very investment, which over 30 years saves homeowners an astounding amount. Conventional repainting accumulates costs, summing up to a whopping $41k over three decades. However, with Diamond Kote, homeowners in Manitou Springs can enjoy a mere $23.5k for 30 years of unmatched finish.

But how does Diamond Kote achieve this? It’s through its advanced paint technology. The fade resistance isn’t just a claim but an outcome of using metal oxide colorants derived from the heart of natural rocks. Traditional paints have pores, which become the breeding grounds for dirt and trapped moisture. Diamond Kote, with its non-porous nature, ensures the siding remains pristine. Besides, its scratch-resistant nature and easy-to-clean feature make maintenance a breeze. As an affirmation of its quality, the 30-year no fade warranty is unparalleled in the industry. To seal the deal, Diamond Kote stands tall on the foundation of LP SmartSide, inheriting its durability and charm.

Steel & Metal Siding

For those homes in Manitou Springs with a modern aesthetic and a penchant for robustness, steel and metal siding are the go-to. Key players in this domain include Alside Satinwood Steel Siding, Longboard, and Alluplank. Each offers unique benefits tailored to individual preferences. Metal sidings are revered for their low maintenance, fire resistance, and recyclability. Depending on the design complexity and chosen brand, prices oscillate, but the assurance of quality remains consistent across the board.

Alside Metal Siding

In the world of metal sidings, Alside Satinwood Steel Siding stands out for its robustness harmonized with aesthetics. Beyond the obvious strength of steel, this siding offers homeowners in Manitou Springs a range of design possibilities. Whether one leans towards a rustic charm or a contemporary flair, Alside’s varied product lines resonate with diverse tastes, all while assuring a lasting shield against external elements.

Longboard Metal Siding

Longboard Metal Siding is synonymous with precision and adaptability. Tailored for Manitou Springs homes that echo a blend of tradition and modernity, Longboard’s designs encapsulate this spirit. Its product offerings range from wood grain finishes to solid color palettes, all crafted to withstand the challenges of time and weather.

Traditional Material Siding

Traditional sidings, like wood, exude a warmth and charm that’s hard to replicate. However, as times evolve, so do our products. James Hardie’s modern stucco siding panels offer a fresh perspective on the age-old stucco, coupling tradition with innovation. For those craving the majesty of nature, stone siding, with its texture and timeless beauty, is a favorite. While wood resonates with nature lovers, stone appeals to those seeking grandeur. The pricing spectrum for these traditional materials varies, but each investment guarantees an aura of authenticity and grace.

Cedar Siding

Cedar, the crown jewel of sidings, has an allure that’s been captivating homeowners for ages. When nurtured right, its longevity is unmatched. Nature has crafted cedar to be a fortress, warding off both pests and moisture intrusions. Moreover, when it comes to insulation, cedar stands tall, offering homes in Manitou Springs a cocoon of warmth and energy efficiency. And while cedar does come with a price tag, its long lifespan, coupled with its aesthetic appeal, makes it an investment that promises returns in both beauty and functionality.

Stucco Siding

Welcome to Manitou Springs, where the natural beauty of the region is only rivaled by the elegance of our homes. At Siding Colorado, we understand the unique requirements of homes here. Stucco siding, with its insulating properties, ensures your home remains warm in winters and cool during summers. Our advanced stucco siding panels aren’t just about energy efficiency; they’re built to last. We bring to Manitou Springs a plethora of vibrant color options for stucco, ensuring your home stands out beautifully. And when we talk about pricing? The long-term value of our stucco siding is unbeatable. Think of it as an investment towards an energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing future.

Stone & Masonry for Manitou Springs

Stone, an element as old as time, carries with it an allure of timeless sophistication. Whether it’s limestone, granite, slate, or brick, stone sidings have graced homes and buildings for centuries. But here at Siding Colorado, we’ve infused traditional charm with modern versatility. From authentic veneers to impeccable faux stone options, we’ve got it all. Our masonry sidings are more than just about looks. Residents of Manitou Springs can revel in the low maintenance and fire-resistant nature of our stone and masonry siding, ensuring beauty with peace of mind.

Siding Features & Benefits

Siding Colorado has been the trusted name in siding since 2005 for a reason. Every siding option we provide offers unmatched benefits. Our products stand out for low maintenance, ensuring your weekends are spent enjoying Manitou Springs rather than fixing sidings. We champion energy efficiency, understanding Colorado’s varied climate. And when the hailstorms come? Our sidings boast hail resistance, promising protection and durability.

Low Maintenance Siding

In Manitou Springs, life should be about enjoying nature, not home maintenance. Our low-maintenance siding options, including fiber cement, engineered wood, and metal siding, guarantee just that. Bid adieu to regular repairs and replacements.

Energy Efficient Siding

Energy efficiency isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Siding Colorado offers diverse energy-efficient sidings, from wood and fiber cement to stone. Each curated to ensure Manitou Springs homes stay energy-smart and environment-friendly.

Hail Resistant Siding

Manitou Springs has witnessed hailstones as large as 1.25 inches. But fear not. Our hail-resistant siding, especially LP SmartSide, is tailored to withstand these challenges, ensuring your home remains unscathed and pristine.

Long Lasting Siding

Your home deserves the best. And the best means sidings that stand the test of time. Siding Colorado offers brands renowned for their longevity, making sure Manitou Springs homes remain evergreen.

Siding Colors

Your home should be a reflection of your style. From serene neutrals and earthy tones to vibrant cool and warm shades, Siding Colorado presents a palette of possibilities. Dive into our website’s gallery, and let Manitou Springs see your home’s true colors.

LP Siding’s Vibrant Palette

Introducing the masterful LP SmartSide, an engineered wood siding that has reshaped the game. Unlike other brands, its strength lies in its incredible durability combined with the brilliance of ExpertFinish acrylic latex paint. Dive into a palette that boasts a myriad of colors, all resilient against the challenges of time, including fading, chalking, and streaking. In Manitou Springs, LP SmartSide stands as a testament: beauty needn’t demand regular upkeep.

The Timeless Allure of Diamond Kote

Diamond Kote isn’t just a brand; it’s a legacy in prefinished siding. With an astounding array of shades that promise resistance to fading, every Manitou Springs home can wear its color with pride. The magic? The fusion of acrylic resin coatings with robust metal-oxide pigments. For those in Manitou Springs with an eye for unmatched design and longevity, Diamond Kote is the unrivaled choice.

James Hardie Siding Colors

At Siding Colorado, we’re thrilled to offer a stunning array of James Hardie Siding colors. For Manitou Springs homeowners, this means limitless possibilities to express your style. What’s more, with James Hardie’s exclusive ColorPlus Technology, colors are baked onto the siding, guaranteeing longevity, vibrancy, and resistance to fading.

Siding Styles

Choices, choices, choices! At Siding Colorado, we celebrate individuality. Offering a vast selection of siding styles, Manitou Springs homeowners can customize homes to their heart’s content. Dive into a world of diverse siding styles, each promising excellence.

Lap Siding

Lap siding – a classic that never fades. Our extensive collection ensures every Manitou Springs residence finds its match, seamlessly blending tradition with modern aesthetics.

Board and Batten Siding

Board and batten siding: the timeless merger of vertical boards with raised battens. Here at Siding Colorado, we offer this classic to all in Manitou Springs, ensuring homes stand tall in elegance.

Stucco Panel Siding

Move over traditional stucco; modern stucco siding panels are in town. Perfect for the contemporary Manitou Springs home, our offerings blend minimalism with supreme durability.

Modern Siding Styles

At Siding Colorado, we understand the aesthetic and functional demands of contemporary Manitou Springs homes. We proudly offer a variety of cutting-edge siding styles that blend durability with elegance. Options such as the rustic Woodtone provide a natural touch, while Trespa exterior panels offer a futuristic finish with unmatched resilience. And for those who prefer a classic yet updated look, Alside is your go-to, blending traditional charm with modern technology.

Replacement Siding Manitou Springs

Every siding, regardless of its quality, has an expiration date. If you’re seeing signs of wear like fading, warping, or peeling, it may suggest that the siding is reaching the end of its lifespan, which typically spans 20-30 years. Siding Colorado is dedicated to ensuring that Manitou Springs homes not only look their best but are also shielded from the elements. Our top-tier siding replacement services are efficient and effective, breathing new life into your residence.

Siding Repair Manitou Springs

Your siding might not always need a complete overhaul. Sometimes, targeted repairs can restore its charm and function. Telltale signs of needed repairs include bubbling, evident cracks, and mold growth. In Manitou Springs, where the weather can be unpredictable, ensuring that your siding is in top condition is vital. Our dedicated team at Siding Colorado is skilled in diagnosing and fixing any siding issues, guaranteeing a seamless repair process.


We were more than satisfied with the crew. They were wonderful and everything they did was done very professionally. We love, love, love, our siding now. We would definitely go back to Scottish Home Improvements again. I was most satisfied with the attention to fine details. I would like to recognize our salesman Riggo Malara, he was fantastic. He was very professional and responsive to our needs. Everything has been great. I would like to recognize Mario, and his team.

Richard & Kathy Swedberg
February 25, 2023

The quality of the workmanship, materials used, and the construction crew were all excellent. I was most satisfied with the quality of the work and materials used. The installers very courteous and they keep the work area very clean. Scottish Home Improvements provided excellent communication. I would like to recognize the salesperson, project manager, and the chief of the installation crew. The installers were all really great and worked as a good team. They were very efficient.

Maurine & Nafi Onat
February 17, 2023

I was really impressed with how they coordinated with my window people. We have done a lot of renovations at our house over the last three years. The siding was one of the better experiences we had. They were on time and told me when they would be here. They were just awesome. We will be using your company again. I was most satisfied with the work, the overall timing, and the communication.

Dawn Watter
August 7, 2021

Siding Maintenance & Care

To maximize the life and luster of your siding, maintenance is key. We urge Manitou Springs homeowners to diligently follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. Regularly using a siding cleaner that’s compatible with your material can make a significant difference, maintaining the pristine and vibrant appearance of your home.

Alternatives to Siding Replacement

While siding replacement offers a comprehensive solution, it’s not always necessary. For homeowners in Manitou Springs looking for a refresh without a full replacement, exterior painting can be a cost-effective alternative. It rejuvenates the home’s appearance and provides an additional protective layer. Repairing specific damaged sections of the siding is another viable option, especially if the majority of the siding remains in good condition.

Alternatives to Hardwood Siding

Colorado’s fluctuating climate can be challenging for traditional sidings like vinyl, which might not offer the required resilience. At Siding Colorado, we advocate for sturdier alternatives. Fiber cement and engineered wood are excellent choices, providing both aesthetic appeal and endurance. For Manitou Springs residents wanting a distinct, contemporary look, the Trespa panels stand out as a top-tier alternative to traditional siding.

Siding Pricing/Costs

Cost is often a determining factor when considering siding options. In Manitou Springs, prices fluctuate based on the material, brand, home size, and even the season. On average, our installations typically fall between $12-15 per square foot. It’s worth noting that this estimate doesn’t encompass unique service costs, such as obtaining permits from Manitou Springs city authorities or additional warranty expenses.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting can drastically alter the vibe of a home, offering both protection against the elements and aesthetic upgrades. It’s an excellent option for those who might not be ready for siding replacement. However, if the siding shows signs of structural degradation, Manitou Springs homeowners might find a siding replacement more beneficial in the long run.

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Attention, Manitou Springs homeowners! Are you contemplating a siding makeover? Siding Colorado is your trusted partner, having transformed countless homes in areas like Crystal Hills and Ruxton Ave since 2005. Our reputation speaks volumes, and our results echo our commitment. Why wait? Let us turn your vision into a beautiful reality. Contact us today for a personalized quote!