LP® SmartSide® for Colorado Homes

LP® SmartSide® is one of our top choices for siding recommendations when it comes to Colorado homes. LP® SmartSide® is an engineered composite wood siding product designed for elevated curb appeal and high impact and moisture resistance. This revolutionary product is great for both commercial and residential properties throughout Denver. 

Siding Colorado is proud to be the number one source for LP® SmartSide® siding solutions, remaining as the trusted LP® SmartSide® contractor in the state of Colorado. We carry their complete line, ensuring you’ll find the perfect look for your home or business. 

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LP® SmartGuard® Process

LP® produces their siding products utilizing wood that’s obtained from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The wood is then conditioned so that the bark is removed and turned into a composite material with the addition of adhesive resins and zinc borate. These components preserve the wood while adding significant strength and protection. The cellulosic fibers of the wood are then combined with a water-resistant resin-saturated overlay. The conditioned fibers and overlay are compressed into siding and trim products that feature a cedar-grain pattern. This SmartGuard® process delivers durable composite engineered wood siding that’s resistant to decay, insect damage, moisture, and high impact.

LP® SmartSide®'s Beautiful Aesthetics

LP® SmartSide® can upgrade Denver homes with either a rich cedar-grain texture or smooth finish. The longer siding lengths reduce seams in order to deliver a high-end look. Primed and ready for paint, LP® SmartSide® can be painted any color. Prefinished options are also available, providing instant curb appeal and better UV resistance. Prefinished LP® SmartSide® siding eliminates wet paint concerns, making it ideal for winter installations.

LP® SmartSide® Product Guide for Denver Properties

  • Lap Siding: LP® SmartSide® offers traditional lap siding options available in 12′ bold profiles, 16″ bold profiles, cedar texture, colonial beaded, and smooth finish.

LP® SmartSide® Lap Siding Tips
LP® SmartSide® Lap Siding Application Instructions
LP® SmartSide® Lap Siding Application

  • Vertical and Panel Siding: LP® SmartSide® offers vertical and panel siding options available in stucco finish, cedar texture, smooth finish, vertical siding, and reverse board and batten. Achieve beautiful stucco without the intensive installation. Vertical siding can enhance certain architectural elements on your property.

LP® SmartSide® Cedar Vertical Siding Brochure
LP® SmartSide® Panel Siding Installation
LP® SmartSide® Panel Siding Application

  • Shakes and Shingles: Shakes and shingles can really transform any home, offering beautiful character and charm. LP® SmartSide® offers cedar texture shakes and Perfection Shingles.

LP® SmartSide® Cedar Shake Application
LP® SmartSide® Perfection Shingle Application
LP® SmartSide® Shake Siding Application

  • Fascia and Trim: LP® SmartSide® offers a great selection of fascia and trim. Available in reversible trim, cedar texture, and smooth finish trim choices.

LP® SmartSide® Trim and Fascia Catalogue
LP® SmartSide® Trim and Fascia Application
LP® SmartSide® Trim and Fascia FAQ

  • Soffit: Enjoy vented, smooth finish, and cedar texture soffit options from LP® SmartSide®.

LP SmartSide Soffit Installation Application
LP SmartSide Soffit Product Catalogue
LP SmartSide Soffit Warranty denver

LP® SmartSide®'s Premium Durability for Denver Properties

LP® SmartSide®’s proprietary SmartGuard® process provides exceptional year-round durability that’s perfect for the weather conditions we experience here in Colorado:

LP® SmartSide® Unmatched Warranty

LP® SmartSide® offers a prorated 50 year limited warranty for all their SmartSide® products including siding and trim. Siding Colorado additionally provides a five year limited workmanship warranty, giving Colorado homeowners and commercial property owners comprehensive protection.